Our Story

Kingdom Embassy’s story began in the Spring of 2015. Arthur and Ardena Duren along with ten individuals who were passionate about learning about God and building his Kingdom, met weekly at a local school for bible study in the art classroom which then moved to the library. The group moved from the local school to the backyard of the Duren’s home at 1624 Jefferson.

In a short time the group outgrew the back yard and was blessed to use Heaven’s gate church as a meeting spot. While at Heaven’s Gate, Arthur and Ardena attended a Start Church conference. Not only were the Duren’s excited about what they had learned at the conference, coincidentally many people from the bible study were inquiring about the Duren’s starting a church. The Duren’s returned from the conference and excitedly launched Kingdom Embassy. On January 3, 2016 the first Sunday worship service was held at Victory Inn Hotel’s conference room in Muskegon, Michigan. In June of 2016, God blessed Kingdom Embassy with a new location at Forest Park Covenant Church’s Youth Center. On December 25, 2016 Kingdom Embassy moved into the new church home located at 3025 Glenside Blvd.

Our motto is Real People. Real God. Real Life. The vision was to create a church that embraced real people with hurts, habits, and hangups and show them the love of God, as well as help them discover their purpose for God’s Kingdom. Today, Kingdom Embassy has grown to over 120 people. Our goal and prayer is to be part of planting several new churches within the next 10 years.

What to expect

Kingdom Embassy currently holds two worship experiences: A 6pm service on Tuesdays (bible study and prayer), and Sunday morning worship service at 11am.

What we believe

Life circumstances can take you on journey, making some paths seem to difficult to travel. At times, these challenges can be a bit overwhelming. Kingdom Embassy is here to walk with you along that journey! While we can’t promise to give you all the answers, we want to introduce you to the One who can. No matter who you are or where you find yourself on your spiritual journey, we welcome you and your questions.
There is hope, and His name is Jesus Christ.

See our full Statement of Faith here.


If you’re still exploring a relationship with Christ or are new in embracing this faith, we welcome you to check out our Tuesday Night Bible Study or Sunday Morning Service.


At Kingdom Embassy, we’ve been able to witness the power of the Holy Spirit through individuals who have given their lives over to Jesus and allowed him to be the Lord of their lives. You can view a few personal testimonies from those who have chosen to follow Him and how Kingdom Embassy has affected their lives.

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